Present Perfect

I have just come in.
You have kissed my cat!
She has eaten cornflakes for breakfast.
(Look at the milk on the table.)

We have bought some ice-cream.
You have given me a warm welcome.
They have left the football field.
(It´s empty now.)

Das Present Perfect wird gebildet mit _______ / ______ + ______________.


I haven´t opened your book.
You haven´t kissed my dog.
He hasn´t drunk any milk for breakfast.

We haven´t seen the film, yet.
You haven´t stolen any keys.   -  
The teachers haven´t taught any Spanish for two weeks.

Oh dear! Have I spent too much money?
Have you kissed my budgy, too?
Has the dog fallen off the chair?

Have we ever sung this song before?
Have you all slept for eight hours? Are you fit now?
Have the girls told you the truth?